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I'm so excited for you to join me on this journey of hair love! Hair care has always been something I'm passionate about, and I'm devoted to providing my valued customers with products tailored to fit their individual needs. From sew-ins and custom handcrafted wigs to concierge services, I'm here to ensure you have what you need to achieve beautiful, healthy hair. 

Explore my range of products, and let's make this journey together! With my hard work and dedication to hair care and your commitment to achieving your hair goals, I can create something special & unique. I'm committed to excellence in hair care and customer satisfaction, so you can trust that you're in good hands. My mission is to provide the best quality products that make a difference and help you achieve your hair goals. 

Let's make something beautiful! Together, we can create an individual look that will make you feel chic and confident. I'm here to give you everything you need for luxurious looks. So join me on this journey of hair love, and let's make something beautiful!

M E E T  T A M M Y 

As a young child, I always had a passion for fashion and an eye for detail. I aspired to become a big-time fashion designer, only to discover I had a hidden talent for hairstyling. Watching my grandma and mom style our hair, I knew I had to pursue this passion. 
I started to practice my craft by braiding my Barbie dolls' and siblings' hair. Those early days of styling gave me the confidence to become a renowned hairstylist. With 30 years of hair styling and understanding the science behind hair, and with each passing day, I gained more knowledge and experience and felt more inspired to take my craft to the next level. 
Now, I've become to be a professional hairstylist. My knowledge and skills are aligned to make my customers look their best. From sew-ins to custom handcrafted wigs, I'm committed to providing quality and stylish hair service to my customers. 
I'm grateful to have discovered my passion for hairstyling. I'm thankful for the opportunity to express my creativity through my craft. Being a hairstylist is a daily reminder of my childhood dreams. I'm excited to bring those dreams to life. 

T B H  P O R T F O L I O

Have you been wanting to get into hair extensions but didn't know where to start?

My sew-in system is the perfect way to get the look you want, without compromising the health of your hair. 


Sew-ins have been around for decades, and are one of the safest and non-damaging options for achieving beautiful, healthy hair. This method involves sewing extensions onto a braided base foundation. Not only is this secure, there's no tension on the scalp. Also, allows you to shampoo and condition your hair extensions from the roots to the ends without having to worry about them slipping out. 


Even if you're a beginner, getting a perfect sew-in is easier than ever with the right tools and help from me. With my sew-in needle and thread method, you can say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to beautiful, healthy hair without any damage. 

Noted: Don't be intimidated by sew-in extensions - FYI: Sew-ins are designed for a long-lasting wear and to help promote healthy hair growth because there's no bonding agents, beads system nor chemical products are involved - simply organic (needle & thread). So do yourself a favor and level up your hair game method today!


Take a look at these gorgeous dolls wearing the traditional sew-in system - the results speak for themselves!

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